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High School Students - College Admissions Counseling
High School Students - College Counseling & Consulting LLCMaximize your chances of finding and getting into your best options for higher education.

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High hopes for the futureReceive the expert advice and peace of mind you seek about your child’s college search.

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bigstock-group-of-people-at-business-tr-15465242Provide employees/members valuable orientation from an expert on the college search process.

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Why Choose Us?


  • Breadth of experience

Admissions experience at Harvard University and Princeton University, and five liberal arts colleges.


  • Workshop Experience

Extensive experience in conducting engaging workshops on the college search process for high school students and their parents.


  • A philosophy that places students first

Adherence to the highest ethical standards in the profession and an ability to relate effectively to students with different interests, talents, and goals.


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  • “Roberto has a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the admissions process. I have watched with admiration as he gilded inquiries from students and parents with understanding and humor.”

    The Honorable Thomas H. Kean
    Former Governor of New Jersey
    Former President of Drew University

    “I highly recommend his service to other
    college applicants, as he helped to make a
    stressful process much more manageable.”

    Student attending Harvard in 2014; also admitted to Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, Washington University --St. Louis, Wesleyan University, and NYU.

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